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Avoiding Vacation Sticker Shock and Rebounding

Back from Miami. I have come to realize women are awesome and can form great bonds, but they can also be full of drama for no reason.  I had a great time and definitely want to go back.

The "rules" for my trip away were no pasta, rice or potoatoes.  I think I had rice or potatoes with most of my meals.  I didn't go overboard, no binging or huge portions.  Then there was the drinking.  I haven't really drank in a I didn't go overboard, but I drank my fair share.

My ankles were not the biggest I've seen, but definitely swollen.  I decided when I got back no scale.  I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

When I got back it was a struggle to get up and workout.  It almost felt like the first couple of weeks. Also doing things that had gotten easier felt like a big of a struggle.

Tuesday I got on the scale and I was 359.0.  I am stupidly happy I was in the 350s.  I'm also positive if I had gotten on the scale when I got back I would …
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2 month in/ Prepping for Vacation

2 months in and I'm only 4 lbs lost.... Sort of.....After my first week I gained 4 lbs because of cheating. I'm down 8-9  since then and I am pretty happy with my situation.

Eating is pretty stable except for cheat day/s.  Those are a work in progress.

Working out...isn't a struggle, but I can't say I'm into it, but it's doable.  They key seems to be doing workouts I like.  I know that sounds silly.  Alot of times I feel like we're supposed to force ourselves to do something for our health or weightloss.  I've noticed I'll start talking myself out of a workout when it is something I really don't want to do.  A good example is I'm not a fan of HIIT, or overly chatty instructors, or when the group is acting like its a dinner party rather than a workout.  I also don't like anything over 45 min.  That's my limit.  It doesn't matter how awesome it, I'll get annoyed or tired and not be interested.  I do cardio because I have to, b…

Finding Joy in the Little Changes

So it's taken me 2 months to lose 4 lbs.  I know people are are gonna ready that and be like dude you suck. There are a couple of things to note:

When  I started 2 months ago I was 359 and then the week after I went up to 363.

I checked my spreadsheet and I haven't been 355 or lower in 4 years.  I've been struggling in the 360s for YEARS !!!!!!

I've been in the 350s for a couple of weeks with a mostly steady decline

I'm not struggling with eating, and working out is doable.

In terms of non scale victories.  I can eat salad. It isn't the end of the world and honestly when I'm out and about it takes the weight of having to figure out what to eat.

I don't feel the need to eat EVERYTHING on my plate.

I don't eat what I don't want.  ( We will ignore the cream puff I had yesterday)

I have more energy.  I don't come home and veg doing nothing until bed time.  I mean I do it sometimes, but if I need to do something I am more likely to do it than p…

Staying on Track even when cheating.

Usually when I post there is a overall point or idea I'm trying to express.  This is just a catchup post.  Last week I only worked out once.  Part of that was due to working late and just not being able to get it together and part was Friday waking up and being heavier than I thought I should be.  In the end I realized I'm still in the mid 350s, and didn't sky rocket up tot he 360s.  I didn't binge and totally screw my progress so I'm happy.

So I do want to list my cheats this weekend. I had a party weekend and I cheated, but it was pretty controlled.  Friday I had a parfait from my usual salad spot.  Thai chili wings from the restaurant at the hotel.  Saturday Fish Tacos and Thai chili wings (yes, I really liked them, lol). Sunday Cheesy potatos and half a waffle for breakfast.  I ate in addition to this stuff, but it was on plan.

I was starting to get into the mindset that I need to workout harder and longer and whenever I start doing that it work against me bec…

Sometimes a Little is Alot

Today was the first time in a while I didn't workout and it wasn't scheduled. I just felt defeated.  The crappy thing is, it's my fault.

It's the eating out.  Even when I stay on plan it's the eating out. Even with working out like crazy the eating out is killing me.

I haven't even had a binge, nothing..but clearly it isn't my friend.  The only good thing is I"m not in the 360s. I think I would have a really good ugly cry if I had gotten back up that high.  One footnote to this is, I need to stop getting on the scale.  If I had waited till yesterday I wouldn't be so high I think, we'll see.

Here's what happened

Friday was my cheat day and I had a chocolate parfiat.

Saturday I went out with a friend 2 beers 2 mixed drinks,  We were hungry so food at fridays I eat some of the bread on my burger, no side

Sunday Friend is still here and I don't cook I had macaroni and cheese

Monday  Friend still here I have 2 quesedilla appetizers  at Frid…

What we're not gonna do

I think I just posted yesterday, but it's been an interesting 24 hours. Pre current weightloss journey I would come home tired, chores and other things waited until I the weekend.  I would rest (procrastinate saturday) and then sunday try and get some stuff done and really not much would happen and that would be it.
Last night I ran errands, did laundry.  The night before I moved the refrigerator because something had spilled and attacked gnats.  A couple of months ago...none of that would have happened.  I'm gonna claim that as a NSV

Today was my first doctor's visit in maybe 2 years.  I was always putting it off thinking I know the Dr is going to tell me to lose weight, so I'll just wait and lose weight first.  Just so we're clear that's not how that works.  GO TO THE DOCTOR.  My big questions are do I have high blood pressure and am I diabetic. My blood pressure is 140/82.  For me that's high, but there might be another reason for that.  I'll come t…

Sometimes its the little things

So this week while getting dressed for work I noticed my bra fit better.  I mean I didn't suddenly have perky boobs.  In fact I've never had perky boobs, not even at the point where I was young and perky boobs were supposed to be a thing.  I digress.   Anyway, there was a little less boobs and I didn't get the extra baby boob poke up.  If you have big boobs you know what I mean. 
I could wear my pants over both of my belly rolls.  Usually I have to  put it between them because otherwise I can't bend over or sit comfortably. 
I have been cleaning my house at night.  Nothing major, but instead of collapsing and feeling tired I actually have some energy when I get home.  Last night it was moving my refrigerator to clean up a spill that was attracting gnats. 
I think I'm sleeping better.  I feel more rested.  
Working out is becoming less of a chore and more of a habit that I just have to do it.  Confession to that is, I don't do work outs I don't like.  There…

That's a no for me Dawg - Sports Bras for Big Chests

Whenever I watch any kind of workout video it usually a thing woman with a  exercise bra thing.  I don't normally care because I'm too busy drowning in my own sweat and cursing her parents and anyone else responsible for her existence....Ok that was a lil harsh..just her parents.  Anyway.  I recorded one of my workouts and I felt like my form for my squats was off because I don't usually wear a bra when I work out and it changed my center of gravity.  One was a "traditional" workout bra and another was a weird space age looking thing that I got from lane bryant during their semi annual sale.

When I got it I was kinda like eh  I don't think this is how this works, but once I started to work out.  I didn't notice it.  It actually felt like it helped my form in alot or areas and it was super comfortable.

The "traditional bra" had my boobs all over the place and just distracted during the enter work out.
My only regret is I didn't buy more. I pl…

What's different this time?

About 3-4 months ago I was toying with the idea of having weight loss surgery.  No one was recommending it, but I felt like I was having weight creep and maybe I should use a tool to help me.  I spoke to a good friend who pointed out I would still have to modify my eating and exercise.  Why not give it a try without the surgery.  He became my accountability partner.  The thing that different is he doesn't judge. He's thin and fit, but doesn't try and push me, if I slack off there isn't OMG you didn't work out guilt trip, and maybe because of that I'm more focused on making it happen.  I've fallen on the wagon, but I "confess" and move on.  It has helped alot.  I try and send him my planned workout and try and complete it during the week.  It's been something I needed.  I've tried other things. Having a one on one person who might not be in my shoes, but is there with a shoulder if needed has been a bit of a game changer.

Finding a diet I …